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Have you ever experienced depression, anxiety, loneliness, or insurmountable life challenges? These are issues that most people face at some point in their lives and seem to be a common denominator in the human experience. Most often we can overcome these life challenges ourselves by making small adjustments in the way we live. However, some challenges get too big and entangled and we need to seek professional help. If you are in that place in your life right now, I believe I can help you find your inner healthful self again. Getting lost in the woods is not as scary when you have someone to hold your hand. In my role as a counselor,  I see myself as a guide when life gets difficult and dark. I believe that people have the potential for happiness, life fulfillment, and finding meaning. I can provide the tools and guidance in a non-judgmental, genuine, and safe environment for you to explore the challenges you are facing right now.